The Self and Identity, Volumes 1-4 (Editor, with K.D. Vohs)

Although the study of the ‘Self’ has been a major theme throughout the history of psychology, it has really come into its own during the last half century. Because the nature of human selfhood remains both fascinating and elusive, many different approaches and contributions have been scattered through the journals over the years. This four-volume collection brings together a diverse assortment of the most important contributions in this area.

The collection includes classic, groundbreaking articles and recent, cutting-edge advances in articles that range from original, empirical investigations to conceptual pieces that build theory based on integrative reviews of the research literature.

Volume 1: General Principles covers major theories that advanced the field’s thinking, including some that sparked much debate.

The intention is to provide a broad resource that can be used by both beginners and experts worldwide who wish to have strong, useful access to the classic contributions to this area of study in one place. The field of ‘Self’ is particularly difficult to gain entry to, particularly because it has such a rich and varied history. The two editors are both well-versed in the study of ‘Self’ and thus well-qualified to provide a map of articles that have lasting importance and influence.

SAGE Publications, Inc
Publication date:
December 2011